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Production Process

First of all

Reducing the environmental impact of each dish produced is the starting point for all projects, without exception. Our reduction in CO2 emissions per dish and other impacts can be followed in Evolution and Goals.


One of Studioneves’ distinctive qualities is the use of high mechanical resistance clay (lab tested) which brings high durability to the demands of daily life in a restaurant.


The process is artisanal, but we manage to achieve and guarantee consistency in production, as well imbuing each piece with our own personality.


We have a high production capacity: a factory with a studio spirit.


We continuously develop 100% non-toxic glazes, designed for the high demands of the professional gastronomy sector.


The total amount of water used in the production of our glazes, as well as in the cleaning of our tools, comes from our rainwater reservoir.


Glazing is carried out individually and manually to ensure that each piece is unique.


All energy from Studioneves’ electrical equipment, including the high temperature oven, comes from photovoltaic modules. It is through solar energy that we produce more sustainable pieces.


Our ovens are programmed to reach the ideal temperature for the baking of each piece. This guarantees minimum porosity and maximum resistance for use in restaurants.