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Pottery is not static. It shapes itself according to the will of the individual. Over the centuries, pottery has been integral to our history, and it is an expression of its time, with new techniques and creativity always pushing the art forward. We are the current chapter of this journey, and we are committed to the evolution of pottery for the good of the people and our environment.

Our Progress

Nowadays everyone talks about sustainability, but it is difficult to put it into practice. Since 2018 we have insisted that this is a key path for the evolution of ceramics. The pottery we want to be remembered for thousands of years from now when they find remnants of our civilization. We want our archaeological “footprint” to be totally linked to our environmental “footprint”.

We are totally committed to our customers, employees, the community, and the environment. This means that all the people who work in our studio do so in safe, healthy, and environmentally friendly conditions. We ensure that all points of contact with our customers are part of a unique culture that cultivates sustainability and diversity.

Below are some numbers from this story, which we are writing together with our partners from Grab to Donut. And this is just the beginning.

Our planet deserves much more.